Friday, 13 September 2013

Skypark Terminal, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport


Last week, me and classmates had a girls trip vacations after intersession final exam. It is for our rewards for sacrificing our semester break do the intersession. ha ha!! *its worth!!* 

We went to Langkawi Island,Kedah by Firefly airlines. As we known, this airlines operated at Subang,Airport. So, its near with Uitm, Shah Alam. *save budget for texy fee* Alhamdullilah we're lucky because our ticket is the cheapest for return ticket! hoorayy!!!

This is my second time i went to this airport. Usually, i use go to KLIA or LCCT airport because it is near to my house.  My first, impression about this Subang Airport is "wow!!" its change lots! hehe.... if i'm not mistaken my last time I've been here is about year 1997. haha... *vintage lg airport tu time that year...*

I  didn't know the new name called SKYPARK TERMINAL. it design had been modernized and upgraded for everybody convenience and feels comfortable when come to this airport. For me, 1st thing that I want is the toilet and surau must be clean and nice, have lots of cafe and mcd, and the most important is put lots of chair to be seated while waiting to checkin luggage, is already fine to me. *hehe..byk cekadak plak aku neh*

Greatly, firefly also provided self check in machine to passenger just like MAS and AIR ASIA. so, it is easy to us and doing a fast check in and get the ticket. =) * unfortunately,i forgot to snap the pic. sorryy...*

Fyi, there is another airlines that  u can choose such as Malindo and Berjaya airlines. U can go to their website to find more information and promotion offer for the ticket price. Oh ya...  Firefly also provided food and drink to passenger. so no need to worry to as the them "is it free? haha" u also can ask for additional drink such as coffee or tea and others while they have it. Because of our flight only takes about 40minutes, so they serve us by giving a muffin and a cup of juice. hehe.....not to forget, the luggage weight also free up to 20kg only for each person. if more than that they will charge RM30 per additional kg.

so, manage ur luggage wisely! hehe

okeylaa... stop mumbling suraya! haha....
Here, I put some photo for u lovely readers! enjoyed it! again,there is no pic for the outside view. hehe

 we're waiting our friends before check in the luggage. 

drop in luggage counter

this is our transport.hehe..

ticket checking by the officer

yey! excited face!! love them.... 

and....finally we're safely arrive at Langkawi Airport at 3.30 pm. Alhamudlillah.. =)

p/s: next, story about our entry as the backpackers for 3days and 2 nights. hehe


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