Thursday, 19 September 2013

If I Can Turn Back the Time.....


Morning readers! =)

Everyone have their own nostalgia right? same with me. either it is sweet or bad memory, its depends on us.
For me, if i have the power or chances to turn back the time.......

i would like to go back the time during my SPM's year. huhu.....

oh ya ALLAH, if i know university life is more easier compare to SPM, i will do my best for my SPM and get good results and go further study to abroad. However, i've made a big mistakes in my life because of not follow what my parents rules. (biasalah,darah tengah muda kanss.....hehe)

Honestly, when i was 17 yrs old.. i think i'm big enough to make decisions and so on... i'm keep arguing with my mom. i think she's not understanding me well as a young teenage. Everything is study,study and study.

During my trial exam, i scored well and get 7A's and 4 B's. But i dont have any feelings that time because i don't feel it even i score A1 for addmaths. so i keep "memberontak" and againts my mom. haha... naughty me! trust me, loves during school is not good and when u're matured and age getting old, u will think how stupid u are during school because of loves. ahaha! 

so, to short my story...... during my actual spm, i really dont do well that time. (ala kadar je jwb sbb takde perasaaan mase tu) .  because of "ala kadar punya jawapan" my result was bad.. i only scored for 2A's and B  and C.  

I feel like want to turn back my time when I saw how sad my add maths teacher, my parent face and know my friends get better than me. (silly me ya..)

jgn jd mcm kucing ni,da terhantuk baru tergadah. haha

Now, i realized I've made a big mistakes in my life, because SPM is a main key to my future. who knows, if get straight A's before now i am a doctor wanna to be, right? =) hehe

Therefore, the moral value is parent is always right and don't against them.* berdosa taw!  haha

this my lovely mom =)

last but not least, Du'a from mother is more important rather than other persons.


Thank you for reading this entry !


  1. sygnya kita x mmpu ulg masa tp untungnya kita blh ubh masa dpn kita.don't give up and teruskan usaha :)

  2. hi kak siti,

    itulah,hidup kena diteruskan and cerita lama usah di kenang. betoi x kak? hehe

  3. perkara dh berlaku pun dik.. apa pun, buat yg terbaik utk yg sekarang n akan dtg... banggakan ur mom.. jdikan kesilapan lepas tu pengarajan.. manusia biasala, selalu khilaf..


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