Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Budget Vacation : Pulau Langkawi


Unexpected planning, Alhamdullilah... I and my friends successfully arrived at Langkawi Island,Kedah. everything happens because of the cheap flight ticket offered from firefly. without thinking normally, we all just booked the ticket and plan the travelling later. *hahaha...*
everything about this vacations, we're plan for budgeting holidays. of course la,we're still a student! haha...

we're planned for 3 days and 3 nights stayed for this vacations. we're 7 people in a group. so, we're actually imagined to be like a backpackers traveller *konon2 la.....nk bajet matsalleh g melancong..hehe* 

on 2nd Sept, our journey is begin.......

flight ticket for return only RM90
( We are lucky bcoz everything all in fares already. Luv u Firefly!! )

 still waiting our luggage while everybody seems bz-ing do updating in FB and so on. haha

 happy face!!! at the back, u can see the counter for car rental. quite cheap here compare to the other place.

(but,we're not rental the car from here....bcoz we're so lucky we met a nice pakcik texy. he introduce his friends who are live at langkawi to help us. so, we got Innova for only RM180 per night not for per day charges. )

then, we're start to find a place to stay...... after walk...and walk...... we decided to stayed at here :

 Landcons Hote, Pantai Chenang. It is just opposited with Under water world and mcd. 

nice hotel because of the view, service  and strategic locations.
( I give 3.5 *** )
( we choose deluxe room which provided 2 queen size bed for only RM150 per night )

since, our hotel just near with the under water world... so we went there first. the ticket for student (just show kad siswa if u didn't bring matrix card) u only need to pay RM22 only.

fish!!fish!!! haha....

anis, so excited can touch the star fish. haha

after feel hungry watch the fish, we went to Pekan Kuah to find a place for our late luch
( quite expensive + x brape sedap pon even mkn kat warung je)

then, we went to the nearest mosque near the pekan and wait until maghrib. after that, we start to do Shopping!! hehe...
when we go to langkawi, of course people will talk about the cheap chocolate  and kitchen stuff espcially like pinggan mangkuk, pisau, fork and spoon, and many moreeeeeee.......... haha! its like a heaven to women out there!  we just go to Haji Ismail Group to saving our times. 

i'm keep whats app-ing my parent and sister the pic especially vantage product. its so cheapppppp!!! and pic above is set i bought for my sister.=)

ok,stop here...will continue for the part II =)

Thank you for reading this entry !

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