Friday, 27 September 2013

Kucing itu Sahabat Sejati


hye readers! sorry sbb xupdate entry baru...

Sebenarnya, tibe2 aku rindu dgn arwah kucing2 aku yg dulu..... =(
Bila duduk sorang2, teringat pd telatah dorang yg kadang2 best, kelakar, and kadang2 menyakitkan hati tu..... haha! * i miss them so muchhh.......*

dulu kucing aku banyak...kebanyakannya adalah dr hasil kutipan yg aku jumpa di celah2 longkang,kedai and xjugak kucing yg men terjah je umah mak bapak aku ni..... * sbb dorang tawu bpk aku pemurah dgn mknn kucing.hbis 1 geng dorang ajak bertandang...haha*

abah selalu ckp dgn aku, kucing ni kawan dgn manusia..... kita beri je makan kt dorang, anggap je tu sedekah. =) yes! i admit, my abah sangat la baik dgn binatang2 ni.... walopon kucing tu da nk tamat riwayat,dia tetap akan hntr pd vet utk rawatan selagi kucing tu ade nafas lg..... thats y, bila ada kucing fmly aku nk mati, efek dia akan smpi sebulan ktrg demam and sedih......

tapi, kdg2 aku sedih bila ade manusia yg byk akal ni boleh seksa binatang semua... asl ek? pe yg ade dlm fikiran manusia tu ek? yaALLAH, tolongla mereka2 yg teraniaya itu.......

ok, back to the topic... why cats can be our truly friends?.. 

this is because, bila mereka rapat dgn kita..mereka akan setia dgn kita sampai la hujung nyawa mereka... sampai saat mereka nk mati, mereka sanggup pergi jauh2 dr tuan dia sbb xnk kasi tuan dia sedih... =( * oh my... i'm crying....*

bila kita stress, mereka seolah2 tahu utk mengembirakan kita dgn buat lagak manja mereka semua tu... oh yaallah, aku sayang kucing2 ku... panjangkan la umur mereka..... bila kita tgh bz wat asgments or kemas rumah, mereka same2 dgn kita....

yes! mereka pandai ambil hati kita...... 

now, dekat rumah tinggal 3 ekor kucing shj.... and ade lg 3 ekor kucing luar yg tade identiti...haha *comey je hari2 skodeng tong mknn kucing kt luar rumah*

yg tinggal dlm rumah ade sekor tu manja dgn mak abah aku, hidup dia dlm bilik je.... dia sahabat pada mak abah aku..... insyaallah mungkin dia akan tunggu mak abh aku di syurga nnt kan...... aminnn...

ni la rupa kucing ksygn mak abah aku :

Nama dia ialah Checek.
Jumpa kat tepi longkang masa raya haji. masa tu dia besar tapak tgn kita je... n now jd buah hati mak abah... hehe

ni pulak buah hati aku... nama dia ialah Pia. 

si hitam manis ni pulak nama dia ialah Mek Tam. 
actually, dia n pia adalah adik beradik. 

ni adalah mama pd pia and mek tam.
her name is Mia.
now,she's gone already. bila nk mati dia bwk diri......
i miss u mia......

this is arwah oumey. 
died after done his operation and coma..

semua da jadi arwah...

babe (mkn dlm mangkuk), awang ( dlm tray) and oumey

now, blkg rumah di tong mknn dorang sunyi sepi da........ =(

arwah zorro
( mati sbb cancer gusi )

last but not least, arwah itam.

kematian dia sgt tragik sbb bangkai dia jmpe kat jln luar dr taman umah. sbb hubungan dia yg rapat dgn abh n mak, abah rasa xsedap hati bile lalu kt jln tu pagi2 nk g keje bile tgk ade bangkai kucing.
becoz of strong instinct, mmg betul itu itam mak.... terkedu mak dpn pintu pg tu n mak dmam sebulan....

ikotkan, byk lg arwah2 kucing aku tu.. tp skrg ni pon da menjejeh air mata kuar....huhu

Entry kali ni aku just nk highlight kan...

sayangi la binatang sbb binatang pon ade perasaan sama mcm manusia lebih2 lg kucing....
tp tula, sedangkan baby pon manusia buang mcm binatang... acaner tuh??

*mengeluh dgn dunia skrg ni...**

aku harap kita semua xmcm tu lah.... baik2 aja....


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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Budget Trip Again - October vacation


Another trip for this coming October! yeyy!!!

like always, i loves handling transportation part. ( hari2 google flight murah ..haha )

and alhamdullilah,  after tempuhi pancaroba dan onak duri utk decide which date nk pergi semua...
me and ketua program, decided to choose that date. 

ok, lets talk about the tickets flight fee:

since my class consist of 37 people, its quite challenging to manage the tickets purchasing. it is because the cheapest price only offer for 4 to 9 seats only per flight. so, after calling my leader... she said as long as everybody can reach there on the same day, its ok.

therefore, i took 7 flight for this trip. 7 flights for 7 group. the early flight will be at 6.45 am and last flight will fly at 5.30pm. insyaALLah at 8pm, we will gather together. 

how about the ticket price?

as we known, air asia promo for 1millions free seat....this promo will be end tomorrow. so we grab that offer quickly before the price change!! hehe

1 way tickets only rm69 without luggage. our return tickets also price for rm69 only.

if you want add luggage, u can choose how many kilo's u want. 

                         15kg  -  rm25
                         20kg  -  rm30
                         25kg  -  rm40
                         30kg  -  rm60
                          40kg  -  rm110

however, if u are lucky....

try go to website malindo airlines, sometimes they  offering the cheapest price compare to airasia.
p/s : malindo price already all in everything! hehe

so, make a good decision and homework first before you booking your tickets!

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

If I Can Turn Back the Time.....


Morning readers! =)

Everyone have their own nostalgia right? same with me. either it is sweet or bad memory, its depends on us.
For me, if i have the power or chances to turn back the time.......

i would like to go back the time during my SPM's year. huhu.....

oh ya ALLAH, if i know university life is more easier compare to SPM, i will do my best for my SPM and get good results and go further study to abroad. However, i've made a big mistakes in my life because of not follow what my parents rules. (biasalah,darah tengah muda kanss.....hehe)

Honestly, when i was 17 yrs old.. i think i'm big enough to make decisions and so on... i'm keep arguing with my mom. i think she's not understanding me well as a young teenage. Everything is study,study and study.

During my trial exam, i scored well and get 7A's and 4 B's. But i dont have any feelings that time because i don't feel it even i score A1 for addmaths. so i keep "memberontak" and againts my mom. haha... naughty me! trust me, loves during school is not good and when u're matured and age getting old, u will think how stupid u are during school because of loves. ahaha! 

so, to short my story...... during my actual spm, i really dont do well that time. (ala kadar je jwb sbb takde perasaaan mase tu) .  because of "ala kadar punya jawapan" my result was bad.. i only scored for 2A's and B  and C.  

I feel like want to turn back my time when I saw how sad my add maths teacher, my parent face and know my friends get better than me. (silly me ya..)

jgn jd mcm kucing ni,da terhantuk baru tergadah. haha

Now, i realized I've made a big mistakes in my life, because SPM is a main key to my future. who knows, if get straight A's before now i am a doctor wanna to be, right? =) hehe

Therefore, the moral value is parent is always right and don't against them.* berdosa taw!  haha

this my lovely mom =)

last but not least, Du'a from mother is more important rather than other persons.


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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Budget Vacation : Pulau Langkawi Part III


Last day trip.

We decided to visit Makam Mahsuri place. entry fee is about RM4. i think we're the first visitors since its still early in the morning. haha.... 

1st thing we found, is kubur Mahsuri.

this is telaga mahsuri

 i think, its a mahsuri house!

after that,we just jalan2 and went to Porto Malai Resort. just near with the Pantai Chenang.

my girls love to snap pic.....haha

 see, kima pose konon2 tgh candid with the yacht background at the back.

so, our trip last at here...and we return back the car to uncle din's.
fly back home with firefly again.

*this is how we do to become more closer and spending our quality time together *

love you guys!!!

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Budget Vacation : Pulau Langkawi Part II


next day, we woke up early to go for island hoping. we went to :

we are here bebeh!!

we took 1 hr package for rm200 (student price) normal price( rm250) which take us to 4 place such as bat cave, see the border line between thailand and malaysia, eagle feeding and fish cage.

( my suggestion, dont go to this package at this place. much better if u go to tangjung rhu which offer u triple cheaper offer .they offer 3hr package and go to many place and do snorkelling for only rm220.) 

Unlucky us!! =(

  this is bat cave

fish cage

 eagle feeding

this  is Kilim Geoforest park signboard. google for more details. haha

sorry hani, i copied from ur fb...

then we went to tanjung rhu beach, it is the most beautiful places and scenery like we're in krabi,thailand. 

  we're in cable car. unfortunately,its raining! tawakal jela time ni.....

back view : hanya awan shj....

*ticket price : RM 15 for my card holder. if im not mistaken *

we're really tired + hungry,so we back to our hotel and having a lunch and  do swimming activity... after done asar prayer, we went out to pekan kuah to watch sunset from the jetty.

and we met this famous eagle!

hehe.... org ckp, if xjmpe helang ni ur trip like xlengkap je.....
so,ini bukti trip kami da lengkap! yayy!!

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Budget Vacation : Pulau Langkawi


Unexpected planning, Alhamdullilah... I and my friends successfully arrived at Langkawi Island,Kedah. everything happens because of the cheap flight ticket offered from firefly. without thinking normally, we all just booked the ticket and plan the travelling later. *hahaha...*
everything about this vacations, we're plan for budgeting holidays. of course la,we're still a student! haha...

we're planned for 3 days and 3 nights stayed for this vacations. we're 7 people in a group. so, we're actually imagined to be like a backpackers traveller *konon2 la.....nk bajet matsalleh g melancong..hehe* 

on 2nd Sept, our journey is begin.......

flight ticket for return only RM90
( We are lucky bcoz everything all in fares already. Luv u Firefly!! )

 still waiting our luggage while everybody seems bz-ing do updating in FB and so on. haha

 happy face!!! at the back, u can see the counter for car rental. quite cheap here compare to the other place.

(but,we're not rental the car from here....bcoz we're so lucky we met a nice pakcik texy. he introduce his friends who are live at langkawi to help us. so, we got Innova for only RM180 per night not for per day charges. )

then, we're start to find a place to stay...... after walk...and walk...... we decided to stayed at here :

 Landcons Hote, Pantai Chenang. It is just opposited with Under water world and mcd. 

nice hotel because of the view, service  and strategic locations.
( I give 3.5 *** )
( we choose deluxe room which provided 2 queen size bed for only RM150 per night )

since, our hotel just near with the under water world... so we went there first. the ticket for student (just show kad siswa if u didn't bring matrix card) u only need to pay RM22 only.

fish!!fish!!! haha....

anis, so excited can touch the star fish. haha

after feel hungry watch the fish, we went to Pekan Kuah to find a place for our late luch
( quite expensive + x brape sedap pon even mkn kat warung je)

then, we went to the nearest mosque near the pekan and wait until maghrib. after that, we start to do Shopping!! hehe...
when we go to langkawi, of course people will talk about the cheap chocolate  and kitchen stuff espcially like pinggan mangkuk, pisau, fork and spoon, and many moreeeeeee.......... haha! its like a heaven to women out there!  we just go to Haji Ismail Group to saving our times. 

i'm keep whats app-ing my parent and sister the pic especially vantage product. its so cheapppppp!!! and pic above is set i bought for my sister.=)

ok,stop here...will continue for the part II =)

Thank you for reading this entry !



I hope is not late to wish to all Malaysian out there


may Allah bless our country 


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Saturday, 14 September 2013



Morning readers!

Today, i will off to Morib, Banting with classmates for EGM workshop specially for entrepreneurship programs (BM231) UiTM, Shah Alam.

later, will share my experience with you.
enjoy your weekends!



Friday, 13 September 2013

Skypark Terminal, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport


Last week, me and classmates had a girls trip vacations after intersession final exam. It is for our rewards for sacrificing our semester break do the intersession. ha ha!! *its worth!!* 

We went to Langkawi Island,Kedah by Firefly airlines. As we known, this airlines operated at Subang,Airport. So, its near with Uitm, Shah Alam. *save budget for texy fee* Alhamdullilah we're lucky because our ticket is the cheapest for return ticket! hoorayy!!!

This is my second time i went to this airport. Usually, i use go to KLIA or LCCT airport because it is near to my house.  My first, impression about this Subang Airport is "wow!!" its change lots! hehe.... if i'm not mistaken my last time I've been here is about year 1997. haha... *vintage lg airport tu time that year...*

I  didn't know the new name called SKYPARK TERMINAL. it design had been modernized and upgraded for everybody convenience and feels comfortable when come to this airport. For me, 1st thing that I want is the toilet and surau must be clean and nice, have lots of cafe and mcd, and the most important is put lots of chair to be seated while waiting to checkin luggage, is already fine to me. *hehe..byk cekadak plak aku neh*

Greatly, firefly also provided self check in machine to passenger just like MAS and AIR ASIA. so, it is easy to us and doing a fast check in and get the ticket. =) * unfortunately,i forgot to snap the pic. sorryy...*

Fyi, there is another airlines that  u can choose such as Malindo and Berjaya airlines. U can go to their website to find more information and promotion offer for the ticket price. Oh ya...  Firefly also provided food and drink to passenger. so no need to worry to as the them "is it free? haha" u also can ask for additional drink such as coffee or tea and others while they have it. Because of our flight only takes about 40minutes, so they serve us by giving a muffin and a cup of juice. hehe.....not to forget, the luggage weight also free up to 20kg only for each person. if more than that they will charge RM30 per additional kg.

so, manage ur luggage wisely! hehe

okeylaa... stop mumbling suraya! haha....
Here, I put some photo for u lovely readers! enjoyed it! again,there is no pic for the outside view. hehe

 we're waiting our friends before check in the luggage. 

drop in luggage counter

this is our transport.hehe..

ticket checking by the officer

yey! excited face!! love them.... 

and....finally we're safely arrive at Langkawi Airport at 3.30 pm. Alhamudlillah.. =)

p/s: next, story about our entry as the backpackers for 3days and 2 nights. hehe

Time Table


Hi! actually i just started set up this blog for my e-commerce subjects and lucky me, my partner ( Hani ) is a blogger. So, Hani help me a lots in the class.
*Terima Kasih Hani....!!Jasamu aku kenang. =) *

Ok, lets go to the main point.  As we know... semester baru sudah bermula pd 9 Sept 2013. Tapi, ramai lg kwn2 aku yg sudah supersenior sem ni extend cuti sem lg seminggu. *otai giler..haha* .Nevermind, sem dpn korang semua nk intern this is ur last chance to do things like that once in a life kannss.....  =) tapiiiii..... aku dan hani bukan last semester kali ni sbb masalah teknikal dr pihak pengurusan *kami pasrah and redha dah*

Usually, bile 1st weeks mesti semua serabut nak susun jadual bagai TERMASUKLA aku ni.. stress woo jadual asyik tukar2 je.  Bila jadual da cun,tp lecturer plak xsporting.terus hilang semangat nak belajar. haha sampai naik pening kepala asyik add/drop subject xhabis2... haha

Ini jadual aku buat masa tgh cuti sem. konon2 da puas hati la time ni sebab rabu dan jumaat freeee.......

then, bila dah kelas dah bermula... ada pulak 'clash subject', so susun balik jadual jd mcm ni pula

tapi, lagi sekali ada perubahan pada waktu certain kena re-do lagi sekali jadual waktu. Time ni aku dan hani berkerut2 muka pk solutions sume. haha....

setelah berusaha susun sana,susun sini.... alhamdulillah, selesai juga masalah susun jadual ni. Untuk semester 4 ni, aku hanya ambil 4 subjek sahaja. So, agak ringan and lapang sangat jadual aku ni.... * i like it so muchhhh*

Jadi, ni final jadual aku. *insyaAllah* . Semoga semester ini berjalan lancar dan mencapai target.

p/s : Last week, aku ada buat trip dgn classmates pergi Langkawi. Next entry nanti yer.... hehe

Thursday, 12 September 2013

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