Saturday, 21 September 2013

Budget Trip Again - October vacation


Another trip for this coming October! yeyy!!!

like always, i loves handling transportation part. ( hari2 google flight murah ..haha )

and alhamdullilah,  after tempuhi pancaroba dan onak duri utk decide which date nk pergi semua...
me and ketua program, decided to choose that date. 

ok, lets talk about the tickets flight fee:

since my class consist of 37 people, its quite challenging to manage the tickets purchasing. it is because the cheapest price only offer for 4 to 9 seats only per flight. so, after calling my leader... she said as long as everybody can reach there on the same day, its ok.

therefore, i took 7 flight for this trip. 7 flights for 7 group. the early flight will be at 6.45 am and last flight will fly at 5.30pm. insyaALLah at 8pm, we will gather together. 

how about the ticket price?

as we known, air asia promo for 1millions free seat....this promo will be end tomorrow. so we grab that offer quickly before the price change!! hehe

1 way tickets only rm69 without luggage. our return tickets also price for rm69 only.

if you want add luggage, u can choose how many kilo's u want. 

                         15kg  -  rm25
                         20kg  -  rm30
                         25kg  -  rm40
                         30kg  -  rm60
                          40kg  -  rm110

however, if u are lucky....

try go to website malindo airlines, sometimes they  offering the cheapest price compare to airasia.
p/s : malindo price already all in everything! hehe

so, make a good decision and homework first before you booking your tickets!

Thank you for reading this entry !


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