Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Budget Vacation : Pulau Langkawi Part II


next day, we woke up early to go for island hoping. we went to :

we are here bebeh!!

we took 1 hr package for rm200 (student price) normal price( rm250) which take us to 4 place such as bat cave, see the border line between thailand and malaysia, eagle feeding and fish cage.

( my suggestion, dont go to this package at this place. much better if u go to tangjung rhu which offer u triple cheaper offer .they offer 3hr package and go to many place and do snorkelling for only rm220.) 

Unlucky us!! =(

  this is bat cave

fish cage

 eagle feeding

this  is Kilim Geoforest park signboard. google for more details. haha

sorry hani, i copied from ur fb...

then we went to tanjung rhu beach, it is the most beautiful places and scenery like we're in krabi,thailand. 

  we're in cable car. unfortunately,its raining! tawakal jela time ni.....

back view : hanya awan shj....

*ticket price : RM 15 for my card holder. if im not mistaken *

we're really tired + hungry,so we back to our hotel and having a lunch and  do swimming activity... after done asar prayer, we went out to pekan kuah to watch sunset from the jetty.

and we met this famous eagle!

hehe.... org ckp, if xjmpe helang ni ur trip like xlengkap je.....
so,ini bukti trip kami da lengkap! yayy!!

Thank you for reading this entry !

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