Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Budget Vacation : Pulau Langkawi Part III


Last day trip.

We decided to visit Makam Mahsuri place. entry fee is about RM4. i think we're the first visitors since its still early in the morning. haha.... 

1st thing we found, is kubur Mahsuri.

this is telaga mahsuri

 i think, its a mahsuri house!

after that,we just jalan2 and went to Porto Malai Resort. just near with the Pantai Chenang.

my girls love to snap pic.....haha

 see, kima pose konon2 tgh candid with the yacht background at the back.

so, our trip last at here...and we return back the car to uncle din's.
fly back home with firefly again.

*this is how we do to become more closer and spending our quality time together *

love you guys!!!

Thank you for reading this entry !

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